Employee Benefits

Our range of value-added services includes delivering you custom solutions for all of your health care management needs, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health & wellness education and training, claims analysis, and developing employee policies and consumer-driven programs.

Compliance Resources

Do you find it difficult to keep up with legislation affecting insurance, your industry and your business? We can provide Legislative Brief educational articles to help you understand important regulations and stay in compliance. Our materials cover health care reform, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, Medicare Part D, ADA, state-specific legislation and more.

Employee Benefit Communications

Many employees don’t take full advantage of their benefits because they don’t understand them. Educate employees about your benefits and how to best use their plan with a range of materials. Plus, our communication documents can help employees understand how various laws impact them and their families, such as health care reform, COBRA and FMLA.

Workplace Wellness

AssuredPartners Colorado is committed to helping you implement workplace wellness initiatives that will reduce health care costs and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. We can build and customize a wellness campaign specific to your company and employee needs. Through our online services, we can provide payroll stuffers, posters, employee newsletters and educational flyers on health and wellness, designed to help you drive consumerism in your workplace.

Managing Health Care Costs

We all know that health care costs continue to be a serious problem; we can help. We offer materials to help employees become smarter health care consumers and promote consumerism strategies that can drive costs down.

Education & Training

We provide exceptional service through our education and training opportunities. Our employee seminars are designed to help educate employees, promote health care consumerism, and reduce high claim utilization and high-dollar claim expenses. They also provide an atmosphere for team building. Together, we can determine the topics that best suit your needs. We also will provide you with educational articles and newsletters to keep you informed of hot benefits and HR-related topics.