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Quick Tips for Navigating the Insurance Marketplace

Written by: John Burkhalter, Vice President at AssuredPartners Colorado   The insurance marketplace can be confusing and counterintuitive. To help make sense of the confusion, I’ve put together a quick list of tips to help make the process a bit easier to navigate.   Find a SPECIALIST in your industry to be your Broker. If […]

The Benefits of Cost Containment Certification

  AssuredPartners Colorado partners with Pinnacol Assurance to offer workers’ compensation coverage to our clients. In the article below, Pinnacol highlights Cost Containment Certification and how it can pay off for your business.   Some employers see investment in workplace safety as just another on a long list of expenses. But making safety a priority […]

5 Winter Preparedness Tips

Ahead of winter’s major weather events, review these preparedness tips for residents to protect themselves during future blizzards and other extreme weather events. In addition to these tips, Department officials advise drivers to keep emergency kits in their vehicles, especially for long trips.

Cyber Liability Risks

Smaller companies face computer liability risks as well. Virtually all businesses use information technology (IT) in some way—to communicate via email, to provide information or services through a website, to store and use customer data and more. Your business can be held liable if certain data is compromised, not only by hacking attacks but even […]

Safety Walk-Arounds for Managers

This fact sheet provides guidance to help managers and business owners conduct safety walkarounds to identify hazards in the workplace and communicate with workers about hazards in their jobs. Included are Pre-Inspection Activities, Onsite Inspection Activities, and Post-Inspection Activities.