Live Well, Work Well – August 2019

Articles Include:
• 1 in 5 Deaths Worldwide Associated with Poor Diets
• Your Heart Rate: Indicator for Health and Fitness
• Introducing Foods Early May Help Prevent Allergies
• Recipe: Fruit Slush

Auto Theft: Prevention and Next Steps

It’s just another brisk summer morning and you step outside in a rush, eyes down digging in your bag to check for your phone, keys in hand. You look up at the driveway. Your jaw drops as your brain tries to process what you’re seeing – or rather, not seeing. Where is your car?  

Heat Related Illness: Risk Factors, Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment

Whether you are working outside, working out outside, or enjoying some fun in the sun, high temperatures, especially when coupled with high humidity and direct sunlight, can be extremely dangerous, potentially leading to illness, organ damage and even death. Keeping an eye out for symptoms and actively working to prevent overheating can help. 

Do You Need an Umbrella Liability Policy?

You have liability coverage included in your auto insurance policy in case of a car accident. You have liability coverage included in your homeowners/renters’ policy in case of a property accident. Maybe you even have liability coverage through another personal insurance policy, like your watercraft policy, in case of an accident on the water. You’re all covered, right? Well, it turns out, you might not be.

Fireworks and the Fourth of July: Keep it Safe

The Fourth of July is almost here, and the holiday celebrations are bound to be full of family, friends, food, fun and, of course, fireworks. Despite the entertainment value and the common use of fireworks, they can be dangerous, turning a day filled with festivities into a frightening visit to the hospital.   

Live Well, Work Well – July 2019

Topics Include:
• Camping Tips
• Sunscreen and You
• Wearable Tech and Your Health in 2019
• Recipe for Cucumber Blueberry Salad

Boats & Watercraft: Insurance and Safety

Summertime fun often means enjoying some time out on the water, but there are some special considerations to remember when it comes to staying safe and protecting your watercraft. Learn more about insurance coverage for your boat and boat safety.

Flood Insurance 101

Unfortunately, flooding is the most common type of natural disaster that occurs in the United States and, although some areas are ranked as low risk, floods can happen anywhere. Ensuring you have proper coverage in case of a flood is an essential component of protecting your home and your assets. Under most standard homeowners, renters, […]