Live Well, Work Well – October 2019

Topics Include:
• October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
• Devices Stealing Your Sleep
• The Dangers of Vaping
• Recipe: Corn, Zucchini and Tomato Pie

Trick or Treat: Halloween Safety Tips

As Halloween approaches, preparing for the festivities surrounding the holiday and celebrating with family and friends can be an exciting endeavor, but amidst all the excitement, it’s important to keep safety top of mind. From costume planning to trick or treat tips, we’ve got you covered.

Fatigue at Work

We all have nights where we don’t get enough sleep but getting the proper amount of sleep every night is necessary for our physical, mental, and emotional health. When a lack of sleep becomes a regular part of your routine, you might be putting yourself in more danger than you realize as you are likely suffering from fatigue.

Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

Winter roads may seem like a distant problem, but the snowy, icy weather is just around the corner and because winterizing your car can take time and money, now is the time to think about getting prepared. Here are a few things you can do to get yourself set up for success on the roads this winter.

Live Well, Work Well – September 2019

Topics Include:
• Getting Outside May Be the Key to boosting Your Physical and Psychological Well-Being
• Making Smart Food Choices at Restaurants
• A Handy Guide to Portion Control
• Increasing Number of Americans are Making the Switch to Veganism
• Recipe: Potato and Ham Skillet with Eggs

School Transportation: Safety Tips to Keep Students Safe on Their Commute

Each fall, back to school time hits and kids are back on the roads, whether their mode of transportation is a bus, a bicycle, or their own two feet, the roads are a much busier place, especially when it comes to pedestrians. Though drivers should always be cautious on the roads, it is especially important to act with extra caution around school buses and in school zones.

Mold: Prevention & Cleaning

September is Mold Awareness Month and it’s a great time to review what causes mold, prevention techniques, and cleaning techniques. Take some time to evaluate your home and ensure you mitigate your risk of exposure. Often, you may be able to deal with the culprit on your own, but you may need to call in a professional to test for mold and remove it from your home. 

Live Well, Work Well – August 2019

Articles Include:
• 1 in 5 Deaths Worldwide Associated with Poor Diets
• Your Heart Rate: Indicator for Health and Fitness
• Introducing Foods Early May Help Prevent Allergies
• Recipe: Fruit Slush