Live Well, Work Well – January 2020

Topics Include:
• Don’t Fall Into This New Year’s Resolution Trap
• It’s National Blood Donor Month
• Superfood May Help Prevent Diabetes
• Recipe: Mexican Chicken Soup

Radon Gas Awareness: Have You Tested Your Home?

January is National Radon Action Month and there’s no better time to learn about the potential dangers of radon and what you can do to prevent excessive exposure. Radon is a naturally occurring invisible, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas that is normally found in the air, both indoors and outdoors.

Stay Safe on the Slopes

Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter recreation sports and with all the snow we’ve seen here in Colorado, and the surrounding area, the season is well underway. Whether you are a beginner looking to try out a few runs or a seasoned skier or snowboarder, safety should always be top of mind as injuries can happen to anyone.

Live Well, Work Well – December 2019

Topics Include:
• Tips for Sticking to Your Diet During the Holidays
• Stay Safe While Decking the Halls
• Daily Use of This Supplement May Help Lower Heart Disease Risk
• Recipe: Curried Squash Stew

Stay Safe for the Holidays

The Holiday season is now in full swing and with all the joy and splendor of the season, it’s important to remember that amongst the parties, decorating, and traveling, it’s essential to follow some basic safety measures to ensure everyone stays safe while having fun throughout the season.

Financial Wellness Tips

An important component of overall wellness that is often overlooked is financial wellness. Financial wellness can be difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons, whether that be low income, high standard of living, debt, lack of financial knowledge, confusion, etc. What can you do to take control of your finances?

Live Well, Work Well – November 2019

Topics Include:
• Flu Season is Here
• An Apple A Day May Help Keep the Doctor Away
• Popular Beverage Linked to Earlier Death
• Recipe: Autumn Vegetable Succotash

Thanksgiving Cooking and Kitchen Safety

If you have ever hosted – or even helped to prepare – a Thanksgiving meal, you know how hectic the kitchen can get. Getting that beautiful, delicious meal out on the table requires a lot of behind the scenes effort, which is oh so worth it, but according to the National Fire Protection Association, “Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires.”