Our range of value-added services includes delivering you custom solutions for all of your deferred compensation plan needs including plan design and analysis, contribution strategies, education and training, and developing employee policies.

Attract, Retain and Reward Key Employees

Deferred compensation programs provide an employer the ability to reward and retain key employees. A deferred compensation program is structured to allow employee earnings to accumulate tax deferred during their employment providing a barrier for them to leave employment.

Programs Targeted to key Employees and Senior Management

Programs can discriminate in favor of the key employees and senior management and avoids much of the discrimination testing, 5500 reporting and audit requirements.

Similar Benefits to Stock Options with No Cash Required and No Expiration

Deferred programs can be used along with stock options and have many similarities; including pegging the deferred value to your stock price.

Complete Plan Design and Management

Administration and management of the program can be outsourced to various third party administrators and program administrators limiting your internal resources dedicated to management of this type of program.

Programs offer Increased Compensation Flexibility

Higher contribution limits with similar investment options compared to 401(k) along with multiple funding options. Plan assets continue as corporate assets until paid.