When an employee gets injured on the job, questions arise about what will happen next. AssuredPartners (AP) understands the importance of helping employers get their employees back to work as soon as possible. As an option for Modified Duty, AP has partnered with local non-profits to provide a meaningful modified duty work assignment for the injured worker. Research has shown that one of the most valuable means of returning an injured worker to full-time, regular employment is keeping them engaged on a temporary basis with light duty work.

At AssuredPartners, we have developed a strategy to work closely with our clients to define an adaptive work program that can utilize our partnerships with local non-profits to get injured workers back to work, while providing a useful service to local charities that value the volunteer hours we can help provide. We will work to create a carefully planned modified work duty assignment that aligns with the employee’s medical providers recommendations. We will collaborate with you to provide a partnership that will allow your employees to be productive in a charitable environment and be part of a team. This allows the employee to be productive and help keep your workers’ compensation premiums under control. AssuredPartners understands the process, and we want to create a path for employers to help the injured worker get back to full-time, regular work.

The Definition of a Provisional Program

A Provisional work program is a process for allowing injured, ill, or disabled workers to return to their job duties as soon as they are able, as defined by their physician. The worker’s original job duties may be modified through light duty or accommodations, or even a temporary position elsewhere within the company. The goal of a Provisional work program is to eventually bring the worker back to their full position after they have recovered.

Why a Transitional Work Program is Important

A formalized Return to Work program has many benefits. First, when workers’ compensation cases last longer than 6 months, it becomes more likely that the injured employee will never return to work. These unresolved cases cost companies huge amounts of money, and represent lost wages for the worker. Formalized Return to Work programs can help decrease these costs and keep employees in the workforce.

Returning an injured worker to job duties faster can also help reduce costs of disability leave. The employer also saves on the training time and costs that would be necessary if a new employee had to be hired and trained. Additionally, these programs ensure that businesses are compliant with laws related to workplace safety and disability, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the FLSA.


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